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Tim Donnelly and Rob Schneider Make Strange Bedfellows

1375916_439283946180400_1314186376_nHear ye! Hear ye! Will the people of California in favor restoring freedom and liberty to this great State, by removing Jerry Brown from his throne say, “Aye”?

This is a call that every Californian, no matter where their political ideology falls, should be able to support. The state of our State is grim, the leadership is negligent and the people are suffering at the hands of a progressive governor and legislature who are not only out of touch with the people, but aloof to the needs of those for whom they work.

We need someone who listens and represents the people. We need leaders who are defined by their actions, as servants of the people, not taskmasters. We need a Governor who has spine and stands up for the everyday citizen who daily rolls out of bed to support his family or the small business woman who dreams of growth, but is hampered by regulations and taxes. California needs a man or woman who will use this position of leadership and authority to move on behalf of the people and not on behalf self or special interest groups.

Is this impossible? Many say that it is, that this state is too far left and entrenched in a socialist agenda that it is past the point of return. Many say the Leviathan has grown too large. The State, however, is the People. The People are the ones who either starve the Leviathan, or feed it by not removing the corrupt caretakers from office. It is truly up to the citizens of California to give an “Aye” vote and replace Governor Brown.

Does anyone meet these demands? Who can rally both sides of the political spectrum to work together to restore this State?

Tim Donnelly, Assemblyman for the 33rd District, has been actively pursuing the hearts and minds of the people in California. He is fairly new to politics, running for Assembly in 2010, but has been successful in Sacramento, gaining unanimous support for his bills. His voting record demonstrates his core beliefs.

For the past year, Donnelly has been out talking with the people of California, listening to their needs and sharing his hope for California. In a conference call, he shared his strategy on garnering support. He said, “No one has really attempted a real grassroots campaign, a year solid, building out an infrastructure. I am grass-rooting business owners. One of the things that will help me is that I take an extremely strong position on the issues. (Such as) Immigration and the 2nd Amendment….” He gave numerous accounts on issues that both parties can get behind, and therefore where he can gain support. Single-issue voters can find a voice in Donnelly. He is willing to use his position as a bully pulpit to get the message out, and hammer away at the issue until there is resolution.

Conservatism and Hollywood generally don’t come together, they are more like archenemies, than playground buddies, yet early in October, Rob Schneider of Saturday Night Live fame endorsed Tim Donnelly. Schneider is a life-long Democrat.  He is giving his support to Donnelly in an all out effort to save California. He told the Washington Times, “As a lifelong Democrat, I am horrified by what’s happening in this State with the Democrat Supermajority now in the legislature in California. The Democrats in my party have abandoned me, and so I have abandoned them…..It’s not about being a Republican, it’s not about being a Democrat … it’s about doing what’s best for the State of California.”

Donnelly  finished his interview saying, “Most think this battle is impossible. It is an uphill battle. All I can say, that if the original Founders felt that way, we would not have a Country. I feel that about California, something has changed in the air. People who have money are sitting down with me. Sometimes we were born for such a time as this. There is nobody else in this state who wants to fight it. I understand the media gorilla warfare, I do. I think that this is one of those times that you have a message that appeals to people’s hearts, the message transcends political party.”

Photo Credit: Tim Donnelly Facebook


California Primary Results: Predictable

The race for the Governor’s seat in California will be fought between Democrat Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown who garnered 1,481,302 votes, 84% (virtually uncontested)  and Meg Whitman who battled Steve P0izner for the Republican nomination, winning with 1,105,855, or 64% of the Republican votes.

Brown has an impressive resume and has already worn the California Governor’s hat from 1975 to 1983.  As Oakland’s Major he ran a “Strong Mayor” form of city government and is currently California’s Attorney General.  He certainly has experience in governing and is prepared to battle hard to again lead California.

Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, served as Mitt Romney’s National Finance Co-Chair for the presidential primarycampaign in 2008.   She then aided Senator John McCain, when Romney bowed out of the race, as his National Co-Chair for McCain-Palin Campaign.  Her “Midas Touch” in business has made her a clear choice for taking on the financial crisis in California.

Senator Barbara Boxer (D) will battle for her seat in November against Carly Fiorina, the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard Company.  Fiorina brings business savvy and conservative values to the race and is fueled by the Tea Party movement to unseat Boxer, once and for all.  The dichotomy between Boxer and Fiorina’s political views are truly black and white, no graying of the issues.  Boxer is infamous in her extreme left positions, while Fiorina is conservative both fiscally and socially.

The summer campaigning will grow in intensity as November draws near.  Jerry Brown has proposed  ten town hall appearances through out the state to “discuss job creation, schools and the state’s budget mess and to answer questions.” These town halls discussions will draw a distinct picture between the candidates, but  it won’t halt the mudslinging.

Meg wasted no time during her victory speech to get a jab in at Brown stating, “Jerry Brown has spent a lifetime in politics, and the results have not been good. Failure seems to follow Jerry everywhere he goes.  It’s a record of promising much and delivering little. Of saying one thing, and then doing another.”

Brown also mocked Meg,  “Look, she wasn’t here most of the time, and she wasn’t voting or paying attention,” he said, an allusion to Whitman’s record of not voting most of her adult life. “When I was governor of California, we built up the largest surplus in history — $4.5 billion. We created 1.9 million jobs. We reduced taxes by billions, OK?”

Ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin; election season is here.