“The FlipSide of the Coin has an angle, an agenda.  It’s focus is to discuss the stories of our times through the lens of a conservative Christian World View, while gaining insight from the whole picture, looking at all the angles and finding a part to the story not reported on one’s nightly new station.

There is a glass half empty mentality of most media organizations that must be countered. Every story has more than one angle and the media tends to report on sensation and ratings, ignoring viable angles that remain in the dark for much of the population because the networks report only their spin.

An example of this would be regarding the 92% of the population who is working. Could the unemployment be in part because of fear mongering? Perhaps?  Most of America knows more people working, than out of work on a personal level.

There are great news worthy stories that are swept aside for that which captures and plays upon the fear and fascination of Americans while missing truly great ideas and stories along the way.  Outside of talk radio and blogs that look through a more conservative lens, there are very few reporting agencies that have the courage to test the “Flip Side” of a story.  Rarely does one turn on the local news and find an angle that the next channel over isn’t also reporting on in the same manner, nor are the local newspapers doing any better a job.

FlipSide wants to alter your perspective.”


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  • peakers82

    I feel like you are trying to do the negative image of what I’m trying to do. You seem to be reporting the conservative view of things while not being extreme. It seems to me that cable news presents too much of the extreme views rather than the real views of the people. As I read once,”There is conservative bias in the press and liberal bias in the press, but mostly there is sensationalist bias in the press.” Extreme views are given all the time and rational thoughts are given none. I look forward to reading your work.

    • theflipsideofthecoin

      I can’t say that I am always “chill” in my conservative responses, but my initial vision for this blog was to try and write about the other side of the coin of what all media, specifically mainstream media reports on. Kind of a half full glass approach, though it has not always been written in such a matter.
      I’ll have to pop over and read your stuff. I am sure we would have much to argue about, but on the other hand, much to agree about as we both love our country!
      You should check out http://caffeinatedthoughts.com/, I cross post over there and great debate and dialogue occurs.. It may be too extreme for you, but it is a good place to put your thoughts out there, a kind of iron, sharpening iron.
      Thanks for the read, and happy mothers day to ya!

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