Constitutional Ban on Oil Drilling for Florida?

Constitutional ban on oil drilling off the coast of Florida?

Is this truly what is best for Florida or best for Governor Charlie Crist’s political endeavors?  According to Crist, during an interview with  Shepard Smith on Studio B, Florida’s tourist industry will be hurt if a constitutional ban is not presented to the people of Florida.

“Offshore drilling is now banned by a Florida statute but could be changed by legislative action.  A constitutional ban would require voter approval before it could be reversed” according to the Associated Press. Because Florida already has a drilling ban,  a constitutional ban in the long run may actually hurt the state should drilling become a necessity in future decades.  Crist states that the constitutional ban is needed because legislatures could one day come in and change the law allowing for drilling.  However, the same argument can be made, that to create an inflexible constitutional ban could ultimately hurt Florida, should there ever be a greater need for oil and energy in the future.

Oil is on the fore front of American minds because of the Gulf Spill, but to be a knee jerk reactionary, proposing laws that hurt the ability of future generations to make decisions that will affect their lives and their state, is irresponsible. Playing on the emotion of the voters to pass legislation is poor politics, as emotions change with the wind and current events.  Wise leadership can see beyond today and reconcile it with the needs of future generations.


4 responses to “Constitutional Ban on Oil Drilling for Florida?

  • Suwannee Refugee

    Based on what I’m reading, deep water drilling does no bring in a substantial amount of oil. Right?

    • theflipsideofthecoin

      Are you kidding me? The spill is dumping significant amounts of oil into the gulf, proof that there is much to be gained if done properly.

      • Suwannee Refugee

        Yes, there is a lot of oil gushing into the Gulf, but compared to the oil that is coming out of the Middle East, it is but a drop in the bucket

        There’s a lot of water in the lake behind my house, but it doesn’t compare to Lake Okeechobee.

        My point is that there is no reason why we should be drilling in the Gulf when there are much better and safer (and on US soil) places to drill.

      • theflipsideofthecoin

        I agree with you on the drilling elsewhere on US soil. I think we need to be open to exploring all areas of energy independence, while we use the great reasoursece we have in this country and not be strapped to the Middle East.
        My point of the blog was more to the need of not having another piece of legislation drawn up if there is already legislation in place that address drilling off of the Florida coastline. Legislation, like a constitutional ban on drilling may be over kill if what is in place now is working. Why open a can of worms to legal suits etc. at the expense of the tax payer?

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