Women Just Like Me

I am an American woman: a wife, mother, a homeschooler, a worship leader, musician and blogger, looking to encourage other women who hold a deep passion for the restoration of our country.  As I watched Glenn Beck’s: A Mother’s Challenge: A 9.12 Report, I came face to face with woman who articulated the concerns I too feel as a mother, living in a country rapidly changing its red, white and blue colors, to a bleak shade of unrecognizable.  The audience was a melting pot of women who held various political, educational, religious and ethnic backgrounds, yet were united as mothers under the common concern for the future of their children.


Glenn Beck surveyed this group of woman and narrowed forty pages of concern down to these top three:

  1. History Not Being Taught to Our Children
  2. Parent’s Losing Their Rights
  3. Killing Our Children’s Future

As the camera scanned the room of smiling faces, any of which could have been my next door neighbor; Glenn Beck teasingly referred to his special guest audience, (with his satirical grin in place), as the “angry mob, tea baggers or domestic terrorists”, and his guests smirked in return at his sarcastic reference.  Many of these women had taken part in a “Tea Party”, or a “Town Hall” and some had participated in the March on Washington, but most were new to this type of political involvement. They raised however, a cacophony of reasonable dissent and vowed a sustained siege on Washington, determined to effect change, not motivated by purse stings or heavy handed lobbying, but by their concern for their families and a determination to take back their country.

The conversation was poignant and well directed.  Beck would volley a question to his audience and one or two of the ladies would respond.  A woman named Barbara stated, “Our kids are our future.  Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom and it is time for us to do the same for our children and their future.”

In response to this, Frank Luntz, a Republican political consultant and pollster, asked the question, “Are you better off than your parents were when they were your age?”  Most hands raised in affirmation.  Then he asked, “Do you think your children will be better off when they are your age?”  Not one hand was raised in a positive response.  Beck then jumped in and re-phrased the question, asking, “How many of you feel that spiritually, in a completed way, you are better off than your parents were?”  Again, not one hand was raised.

The evening continued as the top three concerns were discussed.  When asked about the issue on: “History is not Being Taught to Our Children”, one lady stated that the Name of God was invoked in every Preamble of all 50 states as the Almighty or Creator and the schools are not teaching this fact of history.  Another woman followed up saying, “Without the morality that comes from a God based life and government system, the entire thing would fall apart, and I think that is exactly what we are seeing in our society.”

Mary Baker, mother of seven and a home school mom said that, “America is a  God inspired idea and if you take Him out, you can’t have America (without God).”

Another woman was concerned that high school and college students don’t realize that, “Socialism is communism light.  Students don’t know their history.”  She was deeply worried that by not knowing the history of communism, this future generation would not know how to stand against it.


A short clip from “The Story of Stuff” was shown to demonstrate how America’s children were being taught to believe that America’s capitalist economy is evil.  When asked to respond to this clip, the audience shared that they believe that the “stuff” in society hasn’t caused unhappiness, but there is “less God therefore less happiness”.  There was an outrage that schools could force this view on the American children, and that parents much of the time remain clueless.

Then Beck raised the issue of the song about Barack Hussein Obama and angrily pointed out that Christmas songs couldn’t be sung in America, but children could be taught to sing the praises of this President, to the point of seemingly deifying him. Again, the audience responded with similar frustration that the State and even the President was being made into an image of god.

The next topic was related to Parental Rights.  Barbara Boxer and her support of the U.N. Treaty on the Rights of Children were mentioned as a very real concern.  These women refuse to let the government tell them how to raise their families.  They were angry to think that they were losing control of their rights to opt out of mandatory government programs, such as shots and the lack of control in what their children were being taught at school.

Frank Luntz pointed out that in a survey, the American people wanted control of their government in the following areas.

  1. Accountability
  2. Respect
  3. Results
  4. Bold Action
  5. Oversight

Frank Luntz- “What Americans Really Want… Really

This audience had a real appreciation for their God given responsibility to raise their children and as one gal put it, “We want our children back.”  Another woman said, “Without freedom, we have nothing and that is why we are screaming mad!”

Lastly, Beck asked about the idea that the government was “Killing Our Children’s Future”.  A woman named Leslie encouraged the group saying, “We need to teach our children the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, so when these rights are being usurped, they will know how to stand up and say ‘No, these are my rights.’”  Another young mom said that she feared that the more she fought against the government’s intrusion, the more the government pushed back and took rights away.


The Tea Parties, Town Halls, The 9.12 Project and social networking sites like Smart Girl Nation and blogs such as Girl Pundit, demonstrate that there is a very different belief system to which much of America ascribes and those who hold these views believe America is in grave peril.  No longer can we sit still and slowly boil to death, but rather must take real action, even if it is outside of one’s comfort zone.  We now clearly see what the ultimate price for our freedom is, should we do nothing.  Freedom costs, yet the death of freedom is more costly.

A unanimous show of hands was raised when the moms were asked by Beck, “How many of you are willing to lose it all for the sake of one’s children, if pure freedom was at the end of it?”  The truth is that those who first came to these shores did willingly “give it all up” for the sake of their children’s future and the right to worship God.  Freedom was the destination and for many, death was the price they paid.

This fight for freedom would be a daunting task if one faced it alone.  But we have stirred the heart-fires of many like-minded women who demand a better future for their children and are willing to fight for that future.  There are moms like me, who have taken time out of their everyday lives to speak their minds, walk an event like the March on the Capitol, attend a Town Hall meeting, post a blog, or call their Senator, all in the name of freedom and the future of our Nation.  The time is now to become involved in the process of democracy, let your voice ring out, so that freedom will continue to ring for future generations!


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