Tea for Thousands

Outside the courthouse, a peaceful, yet at times, vocal demonstration was occurring, as my family entered the calm in the old hall of justice.  As we approached the metal detector, an older security guard was waiting to let us pass.  He asked us if we had been part of the demonstration outside and I replied that we had.  He asked me pointedly why we were part of the protest and I replied, looking at my four children, that I was outraged that my children were being taxed without representation.  It was they who would pay for the exorbitant taxes that the Obama administration was writing into law.  He replied, in a smug, condescending manner, “Mam, there will always be taxes.”  This he muttered over and over, while we walked through the metal detector.

Riverside Court House, Riverside, California

Riverside Court House, Riverside, California

Is this what most American’s believe and therefore do nothing about?  Do we take it all in stride, lying down even, because there will always be taxes?  Or is the revolt a legitimate form of conversation that must take place?  Were the Tea Parties of April 15, 2009 a starting to point to something bigger because “We the People” are not going to take it lying down any longer?

This is not about Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal, but about the freedoms that are stripped away with each new tax that is placed on the shoulders of American citizens.  This is about taxing the youngest members of American society before they even get a chance to vote for themselves, making the children, slaves to the government that claims to have their best interest at heart.

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

I walked with my children yesterday for their freedom and their constitutional right  not to be taxed without representation.  I walked with my children because they can speak through their actions, even if they can’t place a check mark on a ballot box.  I walked with my children so that they will also walk one day, when the government is encroaching on the rights and freedoms that the founding fathers intended to keep protected under the Constitution.

The Tea Party of 2009 affected my four children as they began to take ownership in their positions and their citizenship as Americans.  They became part of something truly American, something bigger than themselves, that affects them now and in the future.  The children benefit from a grassroots tea party because they are the future.  We must fight for them, at all levels of government, until they are old enough to continue the fight on their own.

Tea Party


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